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Based in New Canaan, CT, Ryan is a Children’s Picture Book Author/Illustrator and Founder of MediaLuv.


Pancake, Pennsylvania

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 2-7

The Day Gravity Goes Loco

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 1-7

The Night My Bed Turned Into A Spaceship

Story Picture Book

Ages 3-8

Away We Go land

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 3-7

Ice Cream Robots

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 3-7

Turtle Without a Shell

Story Picture Book

Ages 2-6

Slightly Used Parents

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 4-7

The Peanut Butter Dog

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 2-5

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Ryan featured in DRAWN

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New Book!

A New but "Slightly Used" book is on sale now. Look inside and watch the read along video.


illustration of grand central
"Grand Central-ish" 36"x28"
"Moon Grab" 30"x36"
Illustration of New York City
"New York-ish" . 24" x 32"
New Canaan Illustration
"New Canaan-ish" 48" x 14"

Animated Videos

Owl City ft. Hanson

Directed and Animated by Ryan Maloney

Fancy ft. Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor "Boys Like You"

Directed by Ryan Maloney


Co-Directed and Animated by Ryan Maloney

Asher Roth
"Lark On My Go-Kart"

Directed by Ryan Maloney

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