Picture Books

Hi, I'm Ryan...

Author and Illustrator, of the children’s picture books like “Away We Go Land,” “The Day Gravity Goes Loco,” and “Pancake, Pennsylvania.” I’m also the founder of the design and animation company MediaLuv.

My picture books are meant to (hopefully) make kids laugh and uncork their imaginations, just like the work that influenced me.

My work has been seen all over the internets and the TV’s. My animated music videos for Owl City, Fancy, Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, along with others, have been viewed 20M+ times, and I’ve co-created and helped launch and build a bunch of brands. I continue to work with small companies to Fortune 500’s, because I love working with ambitious teams to grow their business and I enjoy getting paid to do what I would probably do for free. But please don’t tell my clients that. 

If I have not bored you by now, you can read more. 

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