Hi, I’m Ryan Maloney, author and illustrator of children’s picture books “The Day Gravity Goes Loco,” “Pancake, Pennsylvania,” and “Ice Cream Robots.”

Along with making picture books, I produce animated videos, graphic design, and illustration, for clients big and small, through my company MediaLuv.

This website is dedicated to my books and personal art, although I may share some cool client work from time to time.

Here’s some back story about me, why I draw, write, design, animate, and have a creative business:

One day, before kindergarten, I was having difficulty drawing a horse.

I decided drawing wasn’t my thing and walked away from it forever.

Then my brother’s friend stopped me and took the time to show me how to draw a horse.

It clicked.

I decided I would draw every day for the rest of my life.

I am aware of how riveting that story is and am open to optioning the story to Hollywood producers.

In Kindergarten, my school held an art competition, with the winners getting their paintings drilled into the wooden playground for everyone to see for the next decade.

Even though I was in kindergarten, I was locked in and focused on winning that competition.

I decided to paint something completely original.

A monster.

I won.

To this date, I think it was the greatest work I’ve ever made.

30 years later, when my friends mention it to me, because it’s all they think about, I have to pretend like it was no big deal.

But it was the pinnacle of my art career and I think about it weekly.

Around 1989/ 1990, I was 7 or so, I discovered why I really liked drawing.

There was a group of friends running around like maniacs in my late 1980’s looking basement, wood panel walls, 3 channel TV, VCR.

Someone popped in a VHS tape.

Everyone froze. Eyes glued to the TV screen. Smiles on their faces.

It was like a Saved by The Bell scene where people freeze.

I walked around looking at everyone’s face, wondering what could make them stop in the middle of a mad play sesh like this.

I turned to see what was on the TV.

The Simpsons?

“I can draw like that! This is what I must do forever.”

I had a very competitive internal dialogue in the 80’s.

From that point on I became obsessed with cartooning, drawing, and teaching myself storytelling.

My Aunt and Uncle noticed I had an unhealthy addiction to drawing, so they bought me Bruce Blitz Cartooning VHS Tape Tutorial. I watched that tape over and over, embedding drawing techniques into my muscle memory.

Fourth Grade:

My drawing skills were starting to pay off.

I drew a cartoon of my friend and his girlfriend as a 90-year-old couple wearing diapers and walking with canes. Everyone in class loved it, passing it around and laughing. A Semi-Saved by the Bell moment occurred.

My teacher stopped class, grabbed the drawing and yelled:

“This is completely inappropriate!”

She stormed back to her desk leaving me and the class speechless.

After class, my teacher called me over for one final scolding.

She pulled out the drawing. I closed my eyes and prepared for a mental lashing.

When I opened my eyes, she was smiling.

“Do you think you could draw a cartoon like this of my husband?” she asked.

I don’t know how to put the feeling I had into words, but if it were a movie, I would have popped on sunglasses and this song would have played as I walked through school with my jean jacket thrown over my shoulder.

My picture books, toy designs, cartoons and all of the work I create at MediaLuv are made in pursuit of creating these, beating a dead horse here, Saved By The Bell moments.

Accolades, big projects, this above ground pool filled with hundred dollar bills I am swimming in while my assistant transcribes this and flicks genetically modified orange grapes into my mouth are all byproducts of making people light up and say ‘woah!’ Actually, that’s Joey Lawrence from blossom. I am going to have to rethink this Saved By The Bell analogy.

Anyways, if you are the one person who read this far, congrats, you read more than 99.9% of other people on earth.

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