Slightly Used Parents

What’s more fun than selling lemonade at a lemonade stand? Selling your parents at a lemonade stand. Slightly Used Parents is a rhyming picture book that will show your kids that the best way to change something they don’t like, is to first change themselves. This is a quick read, great for kids ages 4-8 that will teach kids about irony, sales terms, thinking outside of the box, and will also help kids see the value in their parents’ strict ways.

Best Picture Books of 2020 - Slightly Used Parents

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Growing up, my Dad owned a used car dealership. Everyday I would see brightly colored graphics, business collateral, office supplies, and advertisements. I have always wanted to incorporate the graphics, entrepreneurial madness, and sales aspect into one of my books but I never knew how. Then one day, when my kids were upset with my wife and I for enforcing some new rule, I had the feeling the kids would be totally fine selling and/or replacing us. Combining elements of my childhood and aspects of raising wild animals known as children, the idea for “Slightly Used Parents” came together. 


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