Away We Go Land

Blast off to a carnival on the moon where the games are all free and kids can eat from cotton candy trees. Away We Go Land is a rhyming picture book that will get your kids excited to seize opportunities and think big. Perfect for kids ages 3-7.


“This is a fantastic read for kids of all ages and is the perfect story for before bedtime. If your kids are like mine, when they fall in love with a great story, they’ll want to hear it again and again. Awesome combination of story + incredible illustrations.” 

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I find that when I focus extremely hard, and chase ideas, those ideas never turn into books, or creations. But in order to come up with ideas that I follow through with, I need difficult times to stretch my brain. The ideas then hit me like bricks when I relax after those strenuous times. I guess you could compare it to the gym vs. recovery time. My brain seems to respond the same way as other muscles in the body. After writing Ice Cream Robots, I went months trying to think of my next book idea. I have a stack of horrible first attempts at new books during that time period. Nothing stuck. I decided to stop trying. I wouldn’t chase ideas, think, or work on any new books. That was it. Back to focussing on my client work. The next morning after throwing in the towel, I woke up to typical morning chaos with two small kids. I walked downstairs to get a break from the morning madness and mumbled to myself, “Away We Go….Land.” I instantly had the vision of a carnival on the moon. I began writing it that day, and went through many drafts, running it by people to get feedback. Tracy helped add some good ideas and gave me perspective on how to simplify things. Away We Go Land, is a reminder to myself that sometimes in order to get an idea for a book, you need to stop chasing the idea and let it chase you.   

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