Ice Cream Robots

When Ice Cream Robots move in next to Mad Vlad’s Ice Cream Shop, he’s forced to close his business and fly back home to serve ice cream to cows. This is one of those bed time stories to read to show kids how to bounce back and reinvent yourself when things don’t go your way. Great for kids 3-8. 


“Love these books! What imagination. My grandchildren won’t let me put them down.” 

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bedtime stories to read

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There really is an ice cream scooper on 104th street in New York City. His name is not Mad Vlad, but he took his ice cream scooping very seriously. For years I thought he would make an interesting character for a book, but it didn’t dawn on me how to tell his story until I moved away from New York City. Ice Cream Robots is a blend of my personal story, having to figure out how to reinvent my creative business, after leaving the creative center of the universe for the suburbs, and how not to fight technology that is taking over everyone’s jobs, but use it to our advantage. 

bedtime stories to read

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