This could possibly become ones of your kids favorite children stories. Welcome to the peculiar place called Pancake, Pennsylvania. In this quirky rhyming picture book, kids will meet President Prescott and all of the passionate people completely obsessed with pancakes. Great for kids 2-7. 


“Terrific illustrations and a unique story about a fun world, highly recommend it!” 

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children stories pancake pennsylvania

Back Story

In 2016, I would make my son pancakes on Saturday mornings. As I watched him eat what seemed like a million pancakes, I got an idea for a children story about a mile high stack of pancakes. After diving in full force, I quickly found that there was not enough to that story. Children stories need more of a story than someone climbing a stack of pancakes.  I shelved it, as I have shelved 5000 other stories. 

But I soon started to visualize concepts revolving around pancakes. When I started to think of Pancake, Pennsylvania similar to the town I grew up in, Orchard Park, NY, outside of Buffalo, it clicked. The people of pancake would be obsessed with pancakes like the people of Buffalo are obsessed with Bills football. 

 When it comes to the people of Buffalo, they love Buffalo Bills football so much that they don’t care about winning or losing, it’s more about the experience. That’s a long winded way of saying, a bunch of Pancake, Pennsylvania is based on a love of food, football, and having a good time no matter what happens. 

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children stories pancake pennsylvania

Pancake, Pennsylvania

Rhyming Picture Book

Ages 2-7

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