The Day Gravity Goes Loco

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What would happen if gravity slowly faded away? Would juice rise from your cup? Would the only hair style be ‘standing straight up?’ Find out in one of Ryan’s most popular children’s stories, ‘The Day Gravity Goes Loco.” A great STEM book for kids ages 2-8. 


“This is my daughter’s favorite, can’t wait for more!” 

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Like many of my other story ideas, The Day Gravity Goes Loco popped into my head one day while riding the subway in New York City. I had a crazy few months, a new baby, no sleep, tons of high pressure projects and clients contacting me at all hours of the day. It felt like I was living in a pressure cooker. One day, riding uptown on the subway, I sat back and thought everything felt so out of control, like I was floating, trying to get my feet back on the ground. I said to myself, “This is loco.” At that moment, I went from being completely stressed out, to outrageously happy (birds chirping, song/dance etc…). I stepped back and realized the craziest times are the best times, even if everything and everyone is going loco. Before I got off that subway, I had the first line of the book written, “Today I saw with my own two eyes, a train off it’s tracks flying in the sky.” I walked past a barber shop and it hit me. If everything were floating off the ground, gravity would be going loco, there would be only one hair style, “standing straight up.” Trying to write popular children’s stories can be a grind. I will begin by thinking I have the best idea in the world, but then when I begin to create it, doubt creeps in. I overcomplicate things as a way to delay finishing the book. But with “The Day Gravity Goes Loco,” it was written in the span of walking 8 blocks in New York City. This book is a constant reminder to myself that the best ideas, opportunities, and gains come from putting yourself in the most challenging situations. 

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