The Night My Bed Turned Into a Spaceship

If you’re constantly looking for read aloud stories for kids, The Night My Bed Turned Into a Spaceship is a funny and easy read for bedtime. Great for new readers and kids up to 7, this book will make kids laugh at the main character, Till’s, frustration with a bed that magically transforms when he is not around to see it happen. 

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The Story

This may have been my very first picture book I attempted to make. There was a mess of ideas back in the day when I was starting out so I’m not sure which idea was the first to the finish line. I pitched this idea to several publishers and was met with a chorus of crickets and no’s, so it started me off on my independent publishing journey. I established a rule for myself, whenever I find myself thinking I have to ask someone’s permission to create something, that’s my cue to make it myself. 

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